Scope of Works

While the primary role of Walker Sign Erectors has been in fixed traffic sign installation, we have found that clients are demanding a more complete package in terms of sign installation and street lighting. As such Walkers Sign Erectors are diversifying into many different roles associated with street furniture.

We have the capability to deliver the following:

Verge Sign - Installation, removal, repair of lit/unlit.
Gantry Sign - Installation, removal, repair of lit/unlit.
Variable Message Sign (VMS) - Installation, removal, repair of lit/unlit.
Passive post systems such as Lattix and Jerol -  Installation, removal, repair.  
Public Lighting - Installation, removal, repair. 
Marker Post Installation
Cable/Trench Instalation

Under the National Highways Sector Scheme Section 8 we are accredited to complete works under the following:

Lighting Column and Post Installation
Cable Trench Installation
Installation and Maintenance of Lighting and Lit Signs
Installation and Maintenance of Unlit Traffic Signs
Installation or Maintenance - Bus Shelters / Advance Equipment.

Please note while Walkers do not have an in house manufacturing facility, we do however have a well developed network with the major manufactures based in the UK. We would like to highlight that this does not cause a shortfall in any lead times with contracts, we have found this set up to be very efficient as we as a company can focus on the installation of required street furniture.

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